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Netflix is coveted in the whole world because of its offerings. Millions of people are associated with it. Every day thousands of new users register on Netflix. Therefore, to ease users on a technical front, Netflix com tvhelp is provided.

How to sign-up Netflix on a smart TV?

In case you are existing Netflix user

  1. Connect your smart TV with internet
  2. If Netflix app is installed in the smart TV, then launch the app
  3. Click on “Sign in” and enter your credentials.
  4. Netflix Com Activate process is done

Netflix com tv For new users

  • Connect your smart TV and start the Netflix app
  • Click “Start your free month
  • A few rules appear for free subscription on the next screen. Click on ‘Continue’
  • Then choose your plan (Basic, Standard or Premium).
  • Once you choose your plan, click on ‘Continue’.
  • Then you reach on next screen where you have to create your account
  • Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Continue’
  • You will receive a link on your phone. Open the link on your internet browser and Click on Continue.
  • Enter your email and password and click on Continue.
  • Payment Option Page appears
  • If you want to continue after the trial period, enter your debit card or credit card details.
  • Click on “I agree”. Then click on the “Start membership button
  • You can now access the Netflix shows.

How to sign-up on Vizio?

Different people have different choices. Some people own Samsung, however, some own Vizio smart TV. If you own Vizio smart TV, then below is the method to sign-up Netflix on Vizio TV.

  1. Press the Netflix button
  2. Select ‘Yes’ on the Are you a member of Netflix?
  3. Enter your Netflix email ID and password
  4. Select Sign In

Sharp TV owners need not worry anymore. Below we let you know how to signup Netflix on Sharp TV.

Step by step procedure to signup Netflix on Sharp TV

In case you see Netflix icon on-screen

  • At your home screen, select Netflix
  • Select ‘Member Sign in’
  • If you are new on Netflix, set up your membership.
  • Enter your Netflix email ID and password.
  • Select ‘Continue’.
  • Your TV is now connected to your Netflix account

If you don’t see Netflix icon on-screen, following are the step to sign-up Netflix

  • Take Sharp remote and press ‘Apps’ button
  • Otherwise, press ‘SmartCentral’ Button
  • Select ‘Netflix’ icon
  • Then select sign-in (if the sign-up option is not there, select ‘Yes’ on ‘Are you a member of Netflix’).
  • If you are not a member, then set-up your membership online
  • Enter your email ID and password
  • Select ‘Continue’
  • Sharp TV is now connected with Netflix account

How to set-up on your computer?

  • Go through the Start menu, select ‘Store’
  • Select Search (upper right corner of the screen)
  • Type Netflix in the search box and press Enter
  • You get various results. Select ‘Netflix’
  • Select ‘Install’
  • Go back to the Start menu
  • Select the Netflix App
  • Select Sign in

The existing Netflix users come across some technical errors that include Netflix code ui-800-3 and code ui-800-2. But being a member of Netflix, do you know what do these error codes indicate?

Following are the steps to fix error code ui-800-3

Error code ui-800-3 means you need to refresh your device that has stored huge information. There is a simple procedure to fix code ui-800-3 which is given below.

  • Restart your streaming device. If the error code does not fix, then proceed further.
  • Log out of Netflix
  • Reset Netflix settings
  • Clear the obsolete Netflix app data
  • Uninstall and reinstall Netflix app

When it comes to code ui-800-2, there are many reasons why this error code occurs on Netflix. The most common reasons include device issue, internet connection, hardware issue, error with Netflix app. But first, you need to refresh your device where huge information is stored. Then it comes to follow the below procedure.

There are many ways to fix error code ui-800-2 and some easy ways are given below.

  • Restart your Wi-Fi
  • Restart your streaming media player
  • Restart your smart TV
  • Try sign-out and sign-in Netflix account

Get instant Netflix com tvhelp by finest tech professionals

A plethora of occasions come when a range of problems occur with Netflix. As we discussed above, how the users face problems while setting-up Netflix on different smart TVs. Likewise, we also discussed how the Netflix service gets interrupted due to a number of causes. We have put light on most of the aspects of Netflix. Nevertheless, on many occasions, the Netflix users seem clueless after seeing some error codes and when it comes to netflix com activate.

Netflix is backed by Netflix com tvhelp, where they can report their issue anytime from anywhere no matter how complex and annoying issue they witness with Netflix. The finest support team is accommodated to serve troubled Netflix users all the time.